Did you know...ž​​

  • žMisaligned wheels will accelerate tyre wear
  • žHandling and road holding will be degraded
  • žYour car’s safety and reliability will be compromised
  • žPot holes, hitting the kerb, wear and tear will cause misalignment
  • žWe will check, identify and reset your cars alignment with our state of the art 4 wheel laser alignment system

Have a look at our Youtube video. This is how our Luke (the good looking one!) 4 wheel laser aligns your cars wheels for perfect handling at WRM.

Don't forget, you should have the alignment checked twice a year especially if you have a high performance car. You will really feel the difference and have the assurance you car is safe any tyres are not prematurely wearing.

We charge a flat fee of £65 + VAT which includes all adjustments even if nuts/bolts are seized. And, we have a dedicated technician (Luke in the video) who only does 4 wheel laser alignment.

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