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*1. Please note that your safety is our highest priority which is why we do not supply second hand or part worn tyres

*2. Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply

Nitrogen Filling Tyres

We have invested in specialist equipment to suck out the air in your tyres and replace with nitrogen. The benefits are:

  • No moisture (which is in air) which means your wheels will not corrode from the inside. Think about that when you buy new alloys.
  • Constant tyre pressures. Physics tells us, as temperature increases so does pressure and vice versa. With normal air the pressure difference is big. This is why in cold temperatures, cars with tyre pressure warning systems give a warning about low tyres pressure. Nitrogen eliminates this. At high temperature in the summer, the pressure won’t become so high as to deform the tyre, leading to reduced grip and balance.
  • For more information see what the AA says Click here